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Lid Deflection Calculator

This calculator takes as inputs lid diameter, thickness, and material, and computes the maximum deflection under vacuum. This maximum occurs at the center of the lid. Room temperature and pressure is assumed. The original source for this formula was this page, now defunct: Circular Plate, uniform load, edges simply supported.

The formula used:

    \[ y_m = \frac{(5+v)pr^4}{64(1+v)D} \qquad D = \frac{Et^3}{12(1-v^2)} \]

where y_m is the maximum deflection, v= Poissan’s ratio, E is Young’s modulus, p = uniform pressure on the lid (assumed to be 1 atm = 101325 N/m^2), r is the lid radius, t is the lid thickness, and D is flexural rigidity.
Lid Deflection Calculator