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Online Communities

Below are some forums and communities involving cyclotrons directly, or related technologies – DIY vacuum systems, high voltage electronics, electromagnetics, RF, radiation and particle detection, etc.

Facebook Guild of Cyclotron Builders – active group of cyclotron enthusiasts – centered around fusion and DIY fusors, excellent resource on DIY vacuum, HV, radiation detection, and other topics in the forum archives

Facebook Guild of Accelerator Builders – not much activity, dedicated to general accelerator construction

Facebook Beam on Target Technology Group – Forum dedicated to the technology, research, and construction of amateur built beam-on-target systems.

High Voltage Forum – active forum for high voltage DIY projects, “successor” to – older forum for high voltage DIY projects – large active forum on all aspects of electronics, electrical engineering

Nuclear Fusion and High Energy Research Forums – amateur fusion forums run by Mark Rowley

Nuclear Physics Lab – projects by group led by Tim Koeth, the “father” of modern DIY cyclotrons Particle Physics Forum – popular general physics forums

Doug Coulter’s Science/Engineering/Technical forums – centered mostly on DIY fusor, vacuum, HV, and machining

DIY vacuum tube forum – good vacuum info, including making your own diffusion pump