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This website is for cyclotron enthusiasts – students, hobbyist and amateur builders, and others interested in cyclotrons and particle physics.

The Info section contains background information on the history, design, and applications of cyclotrons. About Cyclotrons gives an overview of cyclotron history and design. Cyclotron Applications describes the commercial and research uses of cyclotrons. Online Learning Resources is a gateway to online books, technical papers, and conference proceedings on cyclotron design and operation.

The Tools section provides a set of calculators and online simulation/design tools for simple, classical cyclotron design. The Calculators include particle energy, particle path, etc. The design tools include a classical cyclotron builder, dipole magnet builder, chamber builder, and RF matching tool. These tools take design parameters as inputs, creating draft designs along with simulation models as output.

The DIY section is for amateur cyclotron builders. The Online Communities page gives links to forums and groups dedicated to amateur accelerator and related construction. The Amateur Cyclotrons page describes previous and current amateur designs, with links to any design details available. The Legal Issues page discusses the laws surrounding amateur cyclotron possession and operation.

The Locations section includes a map of historical and existing cyclotrons around the world, searchable by parameters such as maximum energy, architecture, etc. A second page lists universities with active cyclotrons, and a third page is dedicated to commercial cyclotron locations (mostly hospitals). Cyclotrons open to the public for tours are also listed.

The News section includes RSS feeds from cyclotron-related sites including CERN, TRIUMF, and generic Google and Yahoo news searches. Separate pages for current job listings and patents are also included.

This site is still under construction with a year or more of work left. If a certain section would be especially helpful, leave a comment below to move it up in priority!